TravelGroomingThree years ago, I attended my first Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. Curious yet a little confused, I made my way to Puerto Galera with very low expectations. After spending two days in the island, I was completely blown away by music I have never heard before, I was in awe of the amazing art installations, the delicious dabo-dobo and kesong puti, the grass-terraced natural amphitheater, sleeping under the stars, going up tree houses, making new friends, dancing like nobody’s watching and leaving all my worries behind. These things made me realize that there really is such a thing as Malasimbo magic.

This year marks the third year I’m attending The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. Here’s a fun fact, Vina and I fell in love in the island. Whenever we tell other people how our love story started, we always say it all happened in Malasimbo. I guess this is one of reasons why I make sure I never miss it. Malasimbo is more than just a festival, it is where I fell in love. It is only right that Vina and I go this year and relive those amazing memories.

Year after year, Malasimbo brings the best of local and international music. No matter what the genre is—soul, reggae, jazz, roots or dance, the festival becomes a platform for these artists to be heard and discovered by a larger audience.





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